That's What You Said...About Leah Calvert's New Photo Of Baby Adalynn

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Those cheeks!

They grow up so fast! It was only a few months ago that Leah Calvert's baby girl, Adalynn, was the size of a sweet potato, but she's now a much bigger, incredibly adorable bundle of joy, with baby blues just like her mother's. Earlier this week, a new photo Leah posted to her Facebook page immediately melted the hearts of her admirers far and wide, and the competition for cutest "Teen Mom 2" tot got a little tighter.

Soon after the pic went live on Remote Control and Facebook, comments started rolling in about little Addie's resemblance to her parents. Check out some of our favorites, and tell us who you think she resembles more.

Remote Control:

"She looks like her dad. Look at that cute hairline she has." -- Judy

"She looks just like her daddy and is very beautiful!" -- Jennifer

"I think she looks like Leah's mom lol. But yes, I see a lot of her daddy too." -- Ronda


"Jeremy all over her face, except those eyes are from Leah." -- Johannah D.

"I think she is absolutely adorable, just like the twins!" -- Shannon S.

"So cute...I always thought Jeremy reminded me of Lance from *NSYNC." -- Robin S.

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Photo: Leah and Jeremy's Facebook page

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