This Week's @RevRunWisdom: Let's All Give Thanks To Our Twitter Father Figure

Let's keep it real, folks. Life isn't always a bed of roses, and a week without one bad day is pretty rare. But guess what? You made it to Friday in one piece, and Rev Run's social media musings are just the thing to get you into Zen mode for the weekend. Check out a few of our favorite recent @RevRunWisdom posts, then kick back, relax and be happy.


Rev Run enjoys some QT with his family on Father's Day.

With six kids, Rev Run's brood is already quite large, but the wisdom he imparts on Twitter has turned him into a pseudo-dad to over four million people. Here at Remote Control, we rely on him to start our weekend off right, but Run's tweets also have a way of making us feel taken care of. Like everything's gonna be OK, no matter what. He's the ultimate social media father figure!

Much like our own folks, Rev's advice often revolves around common themes -- being kind, compassionate, present -- but like all human beings, we need to hear some of the lessons over and over again to really let the points hit home. Luckily, even though he's a reverend by trade, we never feel like he's preaching too hard -- the guy's also a badass hip-hop legend, after all. For Mr. Simmons' gentle nudging, we are mighty grateful -- something he's taught us a lot about!

Take a look at some of this week's musings, and make sure to wish Rev a belated Happy Father's Day if it slipped your mind last week.


...however, you always have Remote Control!


So now we know where Peter Pan got his motto, "Think wonderful thoughts."


Hindsight's not always 20/20!


The most rewarding things in life are often the hardest to achieve.

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Photos: @revwon