Tyler Hoechlin And Ian Bohen Bro Out Over Jack Daniels And Shuffleboard [Photos]


Tyler Hoechlin and Ian Bohen work hard, play hard.

The notion of family doesn't mean much to Peter and Derek Hale on "Teen Wolf," but the actors who play them are like brothers from another mother. Last night, Tyler Hoechlin and his TV uncle, Ian Bohen, hit the bar to bond over many a Jack Daniels and a rousing game of table shuffleboard, where a smidge of their on-screen competitiveness seemed to leak into the game. Guess Happy Hour can get a little heated after spending the workday biting into flesh.

"I wish people understood the importance of this rivalry. If I let @ianbohen win, Armageddon will be upon us all...," Tyler Hoechlin captioned the above photo on Instagram. Well, we highly doubt the four horses of the Apocalypse will come galloping in should Ian snag a few extra points, but if it were Peter and Derek? Whole different story. Later, Bohen shared the snapshot below of the damage done during their intense night out. "Uh.. we ordered what?" he asked his followers. Clearly, the answer is a s*** ton of Jack Daniels (and one random fireball), and it appears everything was paid for by the generous Mr., uh, "HOECHILN." Whoops! Maybe he bought the waitress a few shots of her own.

So, Ty, what are you doing Friday night? If you're payin'...


Fourteen drinks in under two hours! Maybe they bought a round for the entire bar?

Photo: Tyler Hoechlin's and Ian Bohen's Instagram account