Nany's Afraid Jonna's Serial Dating Will Interfere With Their 'Rivals II' Success [Video]

Jonna (JM) & Nany (NG)

When it comes to Nany and Jonna, it's not a history of flying fists or cutting words that's earned them the title of "Rivals," it's all a matter of loyalty. In the thick of "Battle Of The Seasons," Jonna says Nany developed one hell of a bad attitude, and when a fight erupted between Nany and Zach (Jonna's boyfriend at the time) -- and Jonna refused to defend the girl who had been writing her off all season -- the damage between the former BFFs was done. While the girls agree there's a possibility they can get it together, Nany says she's still afraid Jonna will prioritize a guy over the game.

"It hasn't gotten better and it hasn't gotten worse," Nany says of her relationship with Jonna in the interview below, which was filmed just after the cast first arrived in Thailand. "I don't really know where we stand today." Jonna says she's hopeful they can get over their rough patch, but she still doesn't regret giving Nany what she believed was a well-deserved cold shoulder. "I was like, 'If you're not going to act like my friend in this house, then I'm not going to stand up for you.'"

+ Will history repeat itself if Jonna gets a new fling? Check out the clip, and let us know what you think!

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Photo: Cedric Arnold