The Best Freestyle Kill Shots From MTV2's Upcoming 'Wild 'N Out Wildest Moments' Special [Video]


Affion Crockett disses Ne-Yo.

Comedians often struggle to master the art of the irreverent but not completely offensive joke, but on "Wild 'N Out," all bets are off. If the funny men and women want a win in the Wildstyle Freestyle round, they have to throw all their consideration for others' feelings out the window and hit below the belt.

On the "Wild 'N Out Wildest Moments" special airing June 25, the cast and some special guests count down the craziest moments from the show's earlier seasons. Between dissing people's creative talent, their race and even their moms, no topic is off limits for the comics in the clip below. All-star Affion Crockett might as well be named MVP, because he cuts not one, but two opponents down to size. "Your rhymes are corny. There's no juice behind 'em. I would've been your daddy, but I used a condom," he tells Nick Cannon. Then, he directs his sharp tongue at Ne-Yo: "Stop doing Michael Jackson, leave it to Chris Brown." Dang, Crockett, you are cold! However, singer Omarion gets an honorable mention for intercepting Nick's short joke and turning it right back on him. "You say we look like hobbits, but what if I stand on my wallet?" he fires back at Nick. Burned!

Check out more of "Wild 'N Out Wildest Moments," Tuesday, June 25, at 11p/10c on MTV2!

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