'You Gotta T**ty-Shimmy!' And Other Winning 'Show With Vinny' Quotes


Except for the occasional crude joke from Uncle Nino, dinner at the Guadagnino house is a pretty respectful affair. However, on tonight's "The Show With Vinny," "Love And Hip Hop" star Erica Mena brought some extra spice to Staten Island...and almost killed Nino in the process. The self-proclaimed hothead went along with Vin's plan to shake his uncle up with a staged fight, and it went off without a hitch! For the first time, the man was left completely speechless. Still, the state of shock on his face was nothing compared to the dialogue that preceded it -- yup, we're talking about the "t**ty shimmy."

On the completely opposite end of the spectrum, Vin's hangout session with teen sensation Austin Mahone (and his mom!) was basically a G-rated play-date, but chock-full o' fun quotes all the same. Check out some of our favorites from tonight's episode!

"Shame on him! How do you leave your mother in the car?" -- Paola

After hearing that Austin hadn't brought his mother inside for his "Show" interview, Paola made herself his surrogate disciplinarian and fetched Mrs. Mahone to join her inside for coffee.

"It's music -- it's like beat-bop!" -- Paola

On what constitutes hip-hop, after hearing Erica was part of the industry.

[Amateur beat-boxing] -- Vinny

That which requires no analysis...

"Have you dated a Dominican? You're a warrior if you got through that!" -- Erica

Vin's stories about dancing in Dominican clubs earned him a gold star with his guest.

"I like to feel like I'm f**king myself." -- Erica

When Erica revealed she'd dated a few women, Vin asked what kind of chicks she was into. Her answer? Lipstick, curls and essentially anyone who looks just like her.

"You gotta t**ty-shimmy, though, ma!" -- Erica

Paola shared that she was ready to start dating again and Erica's first tip for getting back into the swing of things was perfecting a particular dance move.

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