Ready Yourself For The Return Of 'Ridiculousness,' 'Nikki & Sara' And 'Money From Strangers'! [Trailers]


There's nothing particularly funny about sweating through your shirt during the dog days of summer, but at least you can count on the return of MTV's comedy trifecta to give you a few laughs! Three fan-favorite shows -- "Ridiculousness," "Nikki & Sara LIVE" and "Money From Strangers" -- are all coming down the pike, so when barbecue food becomes stale and you start to prune from excessive pool partying this July, crank up the A/C, plop down on the couch and let Rob Dyrdek, Jeff Dye, Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer take care of the rest.

The second half of "Ridiculousness" Season 3, as well as Season 2 of "MFS," are set to premiere on July 18 at 10/9c and 11/10c, respectively, and judging by the trailers below, we'll get all the face-planting, public-humiliating goodness we've become accustomed to. Plus, with guests like A$AP RockyCody Simpson and the cast of "Fantasy Factory" on "Ridiculousness" and "Guy Code" favorite Chris Distefano on "MFS," the supporting players look just as solid as the starting lineup. Add to that the mid-summer premiere of "Nikki & Sara" on July 30 at 11/10c, and we've really got an unstoppable team!

Check out the videos, and remember: July 18 and July 30 mean MUST-SEE MTV!

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