Relive The Best 'Catfish' Reveals, Over And Over Again [GIFs]


Sunny got the surprise of her life when she met Chelsea.

"Catfish" packs an entire online relationship's history into each of its one-hour episodes, but let's be honest: The series is ALL about those two-second reveals. From the moment lovestruck Sunny saw a female high school student standing where she thought her model boyfriend should be, fans of the show have been swearing off bathroom breaks to make sure they're in front of the TV when Nev and Max pull back the curtain.

So that you don't have to fast-forward through every Season 1 episode to get to the good stuff, we took the liberty of condensing six of the most intense reveals "Catfish" has seen into GIFs. Whether the moments were disastrous (sorry, Tyler!) or happy (we'll always have Matt and Kim...), they kept us chatting around the water cooler for days. Check 'em out, and hang tight for Season 2, premiering June 25 at 10/9c!


Tyler was thoroughly unamused when he finally met "Amanda."


Many "Catfish" tried, but none outdid the Queen Of Deceit, Mhissy. 


Rod and Ebony didn't end as happily as they started, but it was nice to finally see a joyful first meeting.


Fan favorites Matt and Kim aren't in love, but we like to pretend they are.


Jarrod: Meet "Abby." Charmed, we're sure!

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