Which 'Girl Code' Cast Member's Tat Do You Like Best? [Photos]


As the masters of "Girl Code" affirmed on this week's episode, every girl needs to adopt a style that suits them. Whether it's "grandma floral drag queen-realness chic" (see: Nicole Byer) or "truck stop fashionista" (see: Jessimae Peluso), the key to confidence is finding what works for you and owning it. But style doesn't just stop at clothes and hair. We've noticed that a few of the "Code" chicks sport some pretty bad-ass ink, which is the ultimate commitment to an individual look.

Last month, one of the more visibly tatted-up casties, Carly Aquilino, took to Twitter to tell off critics of her "Bozo-chic" style. "I DON'T care if you dislike my hair my voice my tattoos or my face," she wrote. "I only care if you don't like my shoes because then ill just change them."

We happen to love Carly's unique style, especially her tats. In fact, she and her fellow casties have given us some ideas of our own! Take a look at their body art, and tell us whose you like best.


Jessimae Peluso

The pleather-lover rocks a lyric from the "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" song, "Pure Imagination," on her left bicep that she's fond of showing off. "Hold your breath, make a wish, count to three, come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination," it says. Does she have a thing for Oompa Loompas? Flying off to la-la land? Either way, her obsession with chocolate chip cookies suddenly makes a lot of sense.


Carly Aquilino

For Carly, ink is a family affair -- she and her tattoo-artist brother both sport a number of designs. Her half-sleeve includes a lotus, gypsy and owl, and she recently got a brand new piece. "My new wishbone tattoo! wanted it for a long time and my brother @motormycle did it for me today at the tattoo convention." Hey, if the "Girl Code" cast ever wants to get matching "GC" tattoos, a la the "Lord of the Rings" boys, we think we know who they should call. Keep it in the fam!


Melanie Iglesias

We've only actually seen one of Mel's tats -- a small heart on her inner wrist -- but we know she's got another. Last September, she teased her Twitter following with news of a second tattoo, but never followed up with a photo. Perhaps she's reserving an up-close-and-personal viewing for a lucky guy.


Nicole Byer

While Nicole is one of the most open members of the "Girl Code" bunch (we'll never forget her "Long Story Short," in which she had sex with a cab driver...in his cab), it seems she'd rather keep private the meaning of one particular tat. When a fan asked what the bicycle on her inner arm signified, she responded that it was for "personal reasons." Maybe it's to remind her of the importance of eating cheese fries instead of going to spin class? We'll take a 10-speed right on our butt cheeks, please!

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Photos: Colin Gray, Carly Aquilino's Instagram