Nev Schulman Lends His 'Catfish' Expertise To The 'Watch What Happens Live' Audience [Video]


Kelly Bensimon, Nev Schulman and Chef Roxanne Spruance get ready for "Watch What Happens Live."

"Catfish" has helped many people across the country rationalize their Internet affairs, but last night, Nev Schulman concentrated his detective skills on a small group of New Yorkers. MTV's virtual love doctor stopped by Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" for some basic Q&A with host Andy Cohen, but when Andy upped the talk show ante with a game of "Gone Catfishin' In NYC," things got a little more complicated.

Nev and fellow guest (and former Real Housewife of New York) Kelly Bensimon were told three strange facts about two audience members and the "WWHL" graphics designer, and had to determine which one was true for each of them. But, with things as weird as witch coven membership, barfing in a family friend's coffin and suffocating a hamster to death by sitting on it as potential truths, even the perceptive Nev got tripped up once or twice. He wouldn't be deterred, though, and committed to helping Andy find real romance during the after show. However, 'Operation: Andy Love' might have to wait until Nev sleeps off his hangover.


See how Nev stacked up against Kelly!

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Photo courtesy of @KellyBensimon

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