Nick Cannon And Lil Duval Command You To Watch Their MTV2 Shows [Video]


Lil Duval and Nick Cannon goof around on the "Red, Wild 'N Blue Weekend" set.

If you were hosting your very first show, like Lil Duval is with "Ain't That America," or returning from a five-year series hiatus, like Nick Cannon is with "Wild 'N Out," you'd probably be bouncing off the walls, right? Right. So don't go judging these two comedians for the somewhat inappropriate videos you are about to watch. They're just really, realllly excited.

Earlier today, the guys taped MTV2's "Red, Wild 'N Blue Weekend" special, and shared a few Vines from the set that call to mind some choice scenes in "Good Fellas." "'Wild 'N Out' and 'Ain't That America' coming to you this summer. Tune in. July 9," Duval commands in the first video below. "Or we'll kick you in your face!" Nick adds with a demonstration. Duval drives the point home even further in the second clip, demanding the crew bend to his time constraints. Did somebody spike the craft services beverages with Honey Boo Boo's Go-Go Juice?

Check out the clips, and circle July 9th on your calendars!

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Photo: Brittany Travis