Could Lydia's Talent For Shrieking Like A Madwoman Mean She's A 'Teen Wolf' Banshee?


After Lydia was bitten by Peter Hale but never turned when the full moon came, "Teen Wolf" viewers didn't quite know what to make of her. And ever since, fans have been speculating why exactly she's immune to The Bite. Is she a vampire? A witch? Countless theories based merely on conjecture have been cast, but when the straight-A student unleashed yet another blood-curdling scream shortly before that unlucky lifeguard kicked the bucket, viewers were suddenly clear on the matter: She's a BANSHEE!

Oh. Really? Well, maybe....

For those not up to speed on Irish mythology, a banshee is a ghostly creature whose scream signals death, and, well...ALL SIGNS POINT TO LYDIA (except the part about her sporting a signature disgruntled, dirty hag look, of course). "I'm pretty sure she's a banshee." Remote Control reader Ashley wrote after giving the idea some thought. "A banshee wails when someone is about to die and Lydia 'wailed' last week and BAM!"

"A Banshee sounds hilarious, it would be so funny if that's it," Olivia added." I wonder if she had to scream for her audition for the part. 'Great read, just great. Your chemistry with the other actors is great...but now, can you scream for us?'"

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