Little Adalynn Calvert Is The Spitting Image Of Her Pops! [Photo]


While some kids look much more like the milkman than their parents, the "Teen Mom 2" tots all happen to bear a striking resemblance to both their moms and dads. Isaac is the perfect split between Jo and Kailyn; Aubree is basically a carbon copy of Chelsea, and now we can add Leah and Jeremy Calvert's new baby to the list of mini-me's.

Leah and Jeremy shared the above photo of little Adalynn (who they've taken to calling Addie) on Facebook this weekend, and we could hardly believe how much she's grown since we visited her in March. It was also impossible not to notice her uncanny resemblance to dear ol' dad. From the chin, to the nose, to even her eyebrows, there's no denying Addie's a product of Jeremy's DNA. But those adorable cheeks? Those are hers alone.

+ Do you agree that Adalynn looks just like Jeremy? Or are you seeing more traces of Leah? Tell us in the comments!

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Photo: Leah and Jeremy's official Facebook page.

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