Crystal Reed Admits Flubbing Her 'Teen Wolf' Lines Is A Daily Struggle [Video]


Even if you tried watching "Teen Wolf" with eagle-eye precision, you'd be hard-pressed to find a single technical flaw in Crystal Reed's portrayal of Allison Argent. Nobody is more menacing with a bow and arrow (not even Katniss), and she's got the terror-face down pat, so when Crystal admitted in our latest "FANtastic Show" that her Achilles' heel is not being able to nail a line in one take, we -- along with hosts Tyler Oakley and Shantal Rhodes -- were shocked! Crystal Reed has flaws?

"It's every day," she says in the video below. "It's something about JR [Bourne], in particular.... I cannot look at him sometimes...'cause he laughs." And though Crystal's open about her on-set distractions, she's tight-lipped about how she gets into character, and says that her horror scene preparation would be too much for some fans to handle. "It's really terrifying," she tells Tyler and Shantal. Spooky! But could it really be worse than watching someone kill your aunt...?

To hear more about Crystal's take on Allison's evolution, and to find out who her favorite fellow cast mate is, check out the "Show," which-co-stars her adorable dog, Oscar!

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