'Most Dope' Rough Cuts: Mac Miller Comes Home To A Swimsuit Model On His Stairs [Video]

Squeezing countless hours of Mac Miller footage into only six "Most Dope Family" episodes was a daunting task for MTV2, and as you'd expect, a lot of great moments didn't make the final cut. But don't worry -- they're not going to waste! While you await the series' return, check in with Remote Control each week for never-before-seen video of the rapper and his pals.


After what we would imagine to be a long day of mixing beats for his "Watching Movies With The Sound Off" album (released today!) and doing other rapper-like things, poor Mac Miller is welcomed into his lavish L.A. pad by a hot, blonde model posing in a bright red swimsuit and stilettos in this week's "Most Dope" Rough Cut. Guy's got a hard life, huh?

Mac offers an awkward hello to Alicia (the scantily clad woman who's bent over on his front stairs), and after taking a few seconds to stare at her, er, assets, he's overcome with boredom and heads off on his merry way. Typical guy!

Later on, as he's getting tatted up by the photographer's boyfriend, Mac remarks that being greeted at his home by some "ass cheeks spread on the steps" is nothing new. Break out the ascot: Mac Miller has officially become Hugh Hefner.

Check out the latest Rough Cut clip, and tune in for "Most Dope" reruns today starting at 5/4c on MTV2!

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