Beauty Sleep For JWOWW Is Totally Pointless [Photo]


Jenni Farley looks gorgeous without an ounce of makeup on her face.

While we could probably land the lead role in a George Romero movie during our hours of REM sleep, JWOWW has proven that no matter what time of day or night -- even at bedtime -- she always looks downright sexy. The newly minted soap star posed for a demure photo sans makeup yesterday, right before she caught some pre-party zzzs, and instantly instilled envy within every girl who never hits the sheets without a healthy coat of zit cream smeared across her face.

"Nap time before XS tonight in Corpus Christi can't wait," Jenni shared on Instagram along with the accompanying pic. As if the girl actually needed beauty rest! One can only hope there's a retainer hidden behind those puckered lips...

Now, if we looked like this right before drifting off into slumber, we'd probably be posting proof of it online, too, but as it stands, JWOWW puts our sheep-counting look to shame. Bet she doesn't even drool on her pillow.

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Photo: JWOWW's Instagram page.