Brett Davern And Beau Mirchoff Beat The Crap Out Of Each Other In New Movie Trailer


Those photos we revealed a few weeks back of a much scruffier (and dare we say...sexier?) Brett Davern and Beau Mirchoff on the set of their new movie were lovely to gawk at, but we've finally got a hold of something a little meatier to satiate all you "Awkward" fans until "Born to Race: Fast Track" premieres: The trailer has finally arrived! And it definitely gives "The Fast and the Furious" some competition.

In the film, Brett and Beau play foes-turned-friends who race cars, make out with hot girls, wear aviator shades and beat each other up. (Just like "Top Gun," but on the ground!) If you're looking to find the second coming of Jake and Matty, this ain't the place -- even though the "Awkward" pals got into a tiff or two over J-Ham in the past, they never quite pummeled the s*** out of each other like this. And while it's neat to watch the actors behind our favorite PHHS guys channel their dark, brooding sides, it is pretty weird to see Brett sucking face with someone other than Tamara. Just wait 'til Jillian hears about this...

+ Check out the trailer, head over to for more info on the flick and tell us if you'll be buying tickets to it!

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