Shalyah Evans Gives You The 'Girl Code' On Pronouncing Her Name [Video]


In an ideal world, Starbucks baristas would exclusively take orders from Kates, Tims and Steves, but folks with more complicated monikers do indeed walk among us, and according to Shalyah Evans of "Girl Code," it's high time uniquely named people get the same correct pronunciation respect as every John Doe. So, in the event you considered calling her "SHAY-luh," "shampoo" or "shark," you can consult the two-minute video tutorial below to get the phonetics down. How helpful!

"Like 'Leah,' but with a 'sha!'" the lesson begins in the clip, "Or, like the singer Aaliyah, but with a 'shh!'"'s not Shalalyealyhaleyh? Got it. Sha-LEE-ah shares that though her ancestry is Irish, her name is of Hebrew origin (because, why not?), and then proceeds to dress up in prop wigs and clip-on fins to better enforce her point. In summation: Don't call her Shirley, don't call her Charla, and if you were ever considering calling her Samantha, you probably need more help than this instructional clip can provide.

Watch the clip and get to learnin', because there's gonna be a whole lot more Shalyah when "Girl Code" Season 2 rolls around, and you better know how to say her name by then!

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Photo: MTV