MTV2's Favorite Sitcom Fathers Are Spitting Images Of Our Dear Ol' Pops [GIFs]


Actor Terry Crews with his TV kids on the "Everybody Hates Chris" set.

It's often said that art imitates life, but never before have we seen that sentiment executed as perfectly as we have while watching MTV2. The fathers on "Everybody Hates Chris," "Smart Guy," "The Wayans Bros." and "Boy Meets World" bear a striking resemblance to our own old men -- from worrying about how to pay the bills to humiliating their onscreen kids. Check out some of the moments that made us say, "Hey...that sounds familiar," in GIF-form, below, and don't forget to wish dear ol' dad a happy Father's Day!


Julius, "Everybody Hates Chris"

Balancing the check book each month can be a daunting task for dads, especially in this economy. However, financial stress seems to be something every head of household experiences, regardless of the times. On "Everybody Hates Chris," the comedian's cheapskate dad shows us how worrying over financial woes existed just as much in the 1980s as it does in 2013. Some things never change.


Floyd Henderson, "Smart Guy"

All kids can recall a time in our childhoods when our faces flushed beet red due to an extremely embarrassing thing our dads did. Whether he gave you a huge hug in front of all your friends at school, or pulled out the funky dance moves in public, those are the memories that will forever be burned in our brains, no matter how hard we try to delete them. Just know, friends -- you are not alone.


Pops, "The Wayans Bros."

While some dads are known to crack the whip, others prefer toss the parental handbook out the window. "The Wayans Bros"'s Pops definitely plays by his own rules, and seemed to not mind bonding with his boys over twerking broads. Dads come in all shapes and sizes...





Alan Matthews, "Boy Meet's World"

Growing up, dads can appear to be these ancient beings who are way, way out of touch with the world today. However as we get older, we learn that with age comes experience, and with experience comes wisdom. Like Alan Matthews, our dads are always looking out for us and only want what's best. So listen to your old man, will ya?


Honorary Mention: Mr Feeny, "Boy Meets World"

Not everyone is fortunate enough to always have their father present, but sometimes people can bond through more than just their biological ties. Whether it's a caring neighbor or a wise teacher who shares life's lessons with you, the true mark of a male mentor doesn't have to be through blood. And every '90s kid knows there was no greater father figure on TV than Mr. George Feeny. Class dismissed.

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