That's What You Said...About The Upcoming 'Challenge: Rivals II'

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When it comes to "The Challenge," there are no trophies awarded for participation -- you've gotta claw your way to the top if you want to win, and on the upcoming season, the race to first place isn't gonna be a cake walk. Earlier this week, we released the official trailer for "Rivals II," and as soon as TJ warned that a particular elimination round was the scariest the game had ever seen, we knew this season would be packed with mayhem.

Die hard "Challenge" fans who have been eagerly awaiting the follow up to "Battle Of The Seasons" could barely contain themselves once news of "Rivals II" broke, and had a ton to say about the new crop of competitors on Remote Control and Facebook. Take a look at some comments below, and keep the conversation going!

Remote Control

"Wes and CT are going to steam roll this 'Challenge.'" -- Andrew

"Next 'Challenge' better have Evan Starkman, Kenny Santucci and Johnny Bananas." -- JEKdynasty


"The first 'Rivals' was the best 'Challenge' I've ever seen -- I hope this one is really good. Sarah needs to win." -- Jessica R.

"Wish Nia and Averey were in it, though!" -- Dice M.

"There is absolutely no reason why CT and Wes should not win this." -- Ben G.

"I think this cast is one of the best in a long time." -- Luis L.

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