A Comprehensive GIF Guide To Lydia's Many 'Teen Wolf' Freakouts


If we had a dollop of mountain ash for every time Lydia lost her s**t on "Teen Wolf," we'd have enough to help Scott McCall & Co. take the new Alpha Pack out of commission indefinitely. It's pretty evident that Lydia hasn't been the same ever since Peter Hale was found gnawing on her limbs, yet to the surprise of, well, everyone, Lydia did not become a werewolf, as is what typically happens when one gets The Bite. But she did go completely cray, starting with that night she was found dazed, naked and confused after frolicking in the woods for two days.

Either Lydia's been dabbling in LSD, or there's something far more sinister at work. And, after last week's freakout,  we just want to give her a bear hug and a bucket full of Xanax. Let us take a look back at Lyd's more notable manic episodes, while we pray her mystery affliction gets figured out soon.


Last week left us with a conked-out Lydia (seriously, who sleeps sitting up in bed?) waking to her own chorus of blood-curdling screams. We nearly piddled ourselves while watching. Could it have anything to do with her Alpha wolf flirt-fest with Aiden (or Ethan)? Hopefully we'll find something out during tonight's ep. (Season 3, Episode 2)

Post-Peter Hale's bite, Lydia was recuperating (and simultaneously not becoming a werewolf) at Beacon Hills Hospital. What we thought was going to be a hot shower scene quickly became a nightmare of the Freddy Krueger variety, when Lydia ran a bath only to be greeted with dirty water and handfuls of black hair. This is approximately when Lyd headed off on her naked nature vision quest. (Season 2, Episode 1)


While dodging Stiles' advances at the ice skating rink, Lydia was led astray by a trail of purple wolfsbane. Lydia likey the pretty flowers! When she spotted a shadow under the ice, she wiped away the frost only to hallucinate a frozen Peter Hale staring back at her. Naturally, she screamed. A lot. Lesson to you ladies: If you're scared, never ever investigate (or run upstairs). Just GTFO! (Season 2, Episode 3)


As we've learned from MTV's "Awkward," few things are more mortifying than completely going off your rocker in front of your peers. Lydia learned that the hard way when she had yet another Peter Hale hallucination during economics class. Starting to sense a pattern here? Whenever Lydia goes nuts, Derek's creepy uncle is not far behind. (Season 2, Episode 5)


Towards the end of last season, Lydia found herself smooching her smokin' hot stalker, only to witness him transform into a burned and bloodied Peter Hale mid-kiss. Confession: We'd probably lose our cool if we found ourselves making out with a corpse, too. (Season 2, Episode 7)

+ Seriously, what is up with Lydia "Crazypants" Martin? Give us your theories in the comments, and tune in to an all-new "Teen Wolf" tonight at 10/9c!

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