'I Spin While I'm Doing It' And Other Winning 'Show With Vinny' Quotes


Actress/singer/dancer Kat Graham is well on her way to becoming Hollywood royalty, but that doesn't mean the triple threat has any aversion to getting her hands dirty. During an unprecedented "Show With Vinny" interview, the "Vampire Diaries" star insisted on helping Paola in the kitchen, and the pair's banter over prepping baked ziti was uniquely hilarious.

But Graham wasn't the only celeb guest who left Staten Island with an open invitation to come back anytime -- Vinny made his sister's day year with a surprise visit from her star crush, MGK. A few Mac Photobooth shots and one-liners later, and we had one of the most quotable episodes so far this season. Take a look at some of our favorites below!

"I spin while I'm doing it!" -- Giorgio the pizza man

When Vinny and MGK asked Staten Island's most famous pie-maker if he uses his skills to land chicks, Giorgio shared that his wife is already reaping the benefits.

"This is the boy on your computer, on your screen!" -- Paola

In her continued quest to embarrass her children, Paola blew up Mariann's crush on MGK as soon as he walked through the door.

"Dude, thank you so much!" -- MGK

Gender norms be damned! MGK was so excited about Paola's doggy bag, he accidentally called her "dude" -- but quickly backtracked and apologized for the snafu.

"This goes with my outfit! I'll take it to the club." -- Kat

Kat loved the apron Paola lent her more than the doting Italian mother could have anticipated.

"I think I've seen him on the radio once." -- Nino

On Harry Potter. Yup...

"Not in my house!" -- Kat

Paola insisted that Kat relax while she cleared the table, but Kat wasn't going to be shooed away from clean-up duties without a fight.

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