Nev Schulman's Dad Deserves A Huge Hug On Father's Day [Photos]


Nev and pops snap a selfie before catching the NYC Ballet.

With Snooki, Paola Giaimo and a whole bunch of teen moms in the MTV family, Mother's Day was a big deal here on Remote Control. But Father's Day will be no joke, either, as there are plenty of dads we know who deserve some love on Sunday. Jionni LaValle, for instance, who's shaping up to be a great role model for his son, Lorenzo. And then there's the man who helped bring "Catfish" star Nev Schulman into this world. We don't know him personally, but we sure want to!

Ever since "Catfish" took off, Nev's become kind of a transient creature, never staying in one place for too long as he pops in and out of hotel rooms with his partner in crime, Max Joseph. But occasionally Nev's able to rest his head at his childhood home with dear ol' dad, and when he does, Mr. Schulman makes sure his son's visit is extra special. "When I stay with my dad he leaves me notes on my mirror. I save them all," Nev recently Instagrammed with the photo below. Cutest. Thing. EVAR. It's suddenly very clear where Nev gets his compassion from -- and, whoa, the resemblance is uncanny!


TWO exclamation points and even an underlined "You"!

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Photos: Nev's Instagram