Help Vinny Guadagnino Nab Prince Harry As A 'Show' Guest!


Prince Harry at the Crystal Ball in London last month.

No one can accuse Vinny Guadagnino of lacking ambition. Last month, the MTV host sought out our nation's Commander In Chief to come on his "Show," and now, he's got his sights set on the Royal Family. Vin's hoping to round out his slew of celebrity visitors with none other than Windsor's bad boy, Prince Harry, and is asking for your help to get "his royal ass on my couch" by tweeting #TheShowWithHarry until it's trending worldwide. C'MON, YOU GOT THIS!

Vin begins his formal video-invitation innocently enough ("Harry: I'm into the Brits. I think you guys are really smart!") but quickly gets down to business, telling Harry that England's terrible food is one of many reasons making the trek across the pond would be well worth his while. Visiting Staten Island would mean saying sayonara to stale fish 'n' chips platters for a home-cooked Italian smorgasbord fit for a king. Plus, it ain't a secret that Harry likes to rage, and Vin pitches an enticing night of hijinks. "We'll go party a little bit, and then we'll talk about royal things and worldly issues." Over tea with pinkies up, of course.

Could you see Harry scarfing down Paola's baked ziti? Check out Vinny's plea, and get #TheShowWithHarry on the social media map!

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Photo: Reimschuessel/Splash News