The Vinny Skinny: K-Cav's Wedding, Ochocinco's Jail Sentence And Octomom's Sticky Tentacles


There's never any shortage of celebrity gossip or blogs that cover celebrity gossip, but the one thing Remote Control can offer that no other media outlet can is a host who still lives at home with his mother (if she was our mother, we'd never move out, either). This week's pop culture report features some happy news for a former MTV star: Kristin Cavallari tied the knot with longtime beau and baby daddy Jay Cutler! On the flip side, ex-NFL player Chad Johnson (aka Ochocinco) was sent to the slammer after slapping his lawyer's butt in court. Long story, so we'll let Vin explain.

Oh, and Octomom needs to get her greedy tentacles off of Mr. Benjamin Franklin.

Check out the latest Vinny Skinny below for the details on these stories, and, of course, don't forget to tune in tonight at 10/9c for a new episode of "The Show with Vinny," featuring MGK and Kat Graham as the Guadagnino Family's house guests.

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Photos: Splash News