These 6 'Awkward.' GIFs Were Sealed With A Kiss


Jenna Hamilton is bound to break Matty McKibben's heart when he finds out she kissed Collin behind his back (watch the summer finale for a replay of her indiscretion) but this season of "Awkward" has so far offered up plenty of PDA to compensate. From their first day of junior year -- when Jakara greeted each other hello with a serious game of tonsil hockey -- Palos Hills High School's student body has been swapping spit left and right. Whether it was love, lust or just plain lunacy (lookin' at you, Becca) that inspired the smooching, there were few days that went by without a make-out sesh or two.

Gathered here are some of the most memorable teenage-hormones-gone-wild moments from the past 10 episodes of the show. Check 'em all out, and hold on for the return of Season 3 this fall, when there will surely be lots more lip-locking to come! XOXO






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