'Guy Code' Cast To Guest Star On 'Ain't That America' [Video]


Some of the "Guy Code" cast on the"Ain't That America" set.

Confucius once said, "Choose a job that you love, and you will never work a day in your life," but even the great philosopher couldn't have envisioned a world in which people could do what they love with the people they love, too. Well, this is 2013, not 500 B.C., and Lil Duval is proving that you can have both. Not only has he landed his own MTV2 show, but the "Ain't That America" host was recently joined by his "Guy Code" buddies on set, where they served as panelists. That's how you live your best life, folks.

The list of familiar faces that'll appear on "ATA" continues to grow, with "Code" favorites Chris Distefano, Alesha Renee and Jon Gabrus already confirmed on the roster. Being surrounded by his MTV2 brethren seemed to give Lil D a confidence boost, because in the backstage clip below, he credits his peers and a higher power for the series' future as a certified hit. "I have great co-hosts," he tells the camera. "It's amazing. God is with this show." Hey Duval, ever done a pre-show prayer circle? We hear those can be pretty powerful...

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Photo: Dara Cook