Holland Goes To Holland! See Pics Of The American 'Teen Wolf' Star In Paris And Amsterdam


You can tell Holland's in Amsterdam by the Heineken bike basket, obviously.

Did the lust-starved Lydia follow Jackson to Europe, now that the reincarnated teen wolf is living in London? Or did she wander beyond Beacon Hills' borders to look for an alternative, ahem, "male distraction," as she's been doing so far this season? Perhaps she was just searching for a new summer wardrobe...

We kid, we kid: Lydia's not leaving town anytime soon -- it's actually the actress who plays her, Holland Roden, who Instagrammed up a storm while on a fabulous European vacation with her mom. Color us jealous!


Holland apparently had such a blast on her trip that she's now campaigning for Beacon Hills High School to become L'Ecole Balise Collines (thanks, Google Translate): "And Tw has to move to Europe officially. Amsterdam is heaven. I'm not going home," Holland captioned the above photo of one of Amsterdam's famous canals. Just one question: Can werewolves swim?


We can't blame her for dreaming of a relocation to The 'Dam: In Holland, everybody knows her name. So many tourist souvenirs to choose from!


After Holland's sojourn to her namesake country, she hopped over to Paris, where her mom prepped for some major sightseeing with a comprehensive list of Parisian landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower (duh) and...an "American church"? Guess they missed the ol' U.S. of A. after all!


The Eiffel Tower through Holland Roden's lens.

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Photos: Holland Roden's Instagram