Who Are These 'Rivals II' Competitors, And What Have They Done With Their Former Selves? [Photos]


Diem Brown looks like a Candyland warrior in her "Rivals II" shot.

A sensible diet and strict exercise regimen are two keys to "Challenge" success, but on "Rivals II," head-to-toe makeovers seem to be the third piece of the puzzle. While thumbing through new photos of the upcoming season's cast, for a moment we thought we were mistaken about the game's premise, and that "Fresh Meat 3" must be on the horizon. Upon closer inspection, however, we can confirm that these players are most definitely veterans of the game -- just updated versions.

From brave cancer survivor Diem, who's sporting a don't-f**k-with-me superhero bob, to feisty Paula, whose abs give her fitness guru partner, Emily, a run for her money, the "Real World" and "Challenge" alums competing this time around barely even resemble their former selves (not that Jasmine would have a functional mirror with which to judge...). Check out the dramatic metamorphoses below, watch the "Rivals II" trailer again and be sure to tune in to the season premiere on July 10 at 10/9c!


 Once a preppy football star, lumberjack Zach has certainly turned over a new, crazy-eyed leaf!


Back to blonde! Paula's always up for a "Challenge," but she looks especially ready this time.


Jasmine and her miles of straight hair have us asking,"Who's that girl?"


Aneesa has been a chameleon across her "Challenge" tenure, so we're not surprised to see the new 'do and firm physique.


Toss in some highlights, and suddenly Camila looks like a totally different person.

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Photos: Jason Campbell, Ian Spanier and Rene Cervantes