Jenna Hamilton's Switch To Bad Girl Will Alienate Everyone When 'Awkward.' Returns This Fall [Trailer]


Jenna Hamilton chose to indulge in her selfish impulses on last night's "Awkward" summer finale, and, apparently, she won't be tempted to look back when Season 3 returns this fall. In the blink of an eye, she spat in the face of her hard-earned relationship, and the midseason trailer below shows we've only scratched the surface of her inner-Sandy Olsson. Darker wardrobe? Public infidelities? SMOKING THE POT? J-Town, we hardly knew ye...

As Jenna delves deeper into an affair with Collin, she starts to abandon her friends, until she's finally given a cutting and decisive "Take care!" from BFF Tamara. Jenna pushes away her mother, her guidance counselor and -- horror of horrors -- actually has us siding with Sadie Saxton, who's hell-bent on protecting her good friend Matty McKibben from Beta-J's deceit. "Even though Matty is blind to your treachery, I'm not," Sadie tells her.

Can Jenna get off the dark path she's traveling down, or is she doomed to a permanent state of circling the drain? Check out the trailer, and hang tight for the second half of "Awkward" Season 3 this fall!

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