Rob Dyrdek? Carson Daly? Vote For Your Favorite MTV Show Host!


MTV has been home to many different show hosts over the years, each with their own unique approach to the job. From cool dude Carson Daly to mama's boy Vinny Guadagnino, the personalities have run the gamut, and while all of them possess incredible talent, we pinpointed six standouts below. Take a look at our picks, vote for your favorite in the poll, and if he or she isn't in the list, leave a nomination in the comments!

Nikki and SaraNSL

Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer consistently offer a mix of pop culture and comedy on their late night talk show, "Nikki & Sara LIVE." What other hosting duo could get Jay Sean to give them beatboxing lessons or Max Irons to share his hidden talents on camera? With lol-worthy man-on-the-street vids and juicy celebrity interviews, it’s no wonder their show was picked up for a second season.

Vinny GuadagninoVinny

On "The Show," all sorts of talented people travel to Vin's Staten Island home to be interviewed and break some delicious Italian bread with his fam. There's no other talk show in the entertainment universe that would end with skateboarding lessons from Lil Wayne or a trip to an indoor amusement park with Victoria Justice, that's for sure. Best of all, Vinny is just as starstruck to meet his famous guests as any one of us would be. He truly is a down-to-earth guy.

Carson DalyCarson

No matter how far and wide his hosting gigs have taken him, Carson Daly will always be the guy from "TRL." With Carson at the reins, the show developed a huge following, leading to many a teenage girl skulking around the MTV Times Square studio, wielding signs that read, "I <3 Carson!" Between debuting music videos from the most popular artists at the time and giving us some of the best unscripted celeb moments we've ever seen (remember when Carson sang with the Backstreet Boys?), his name is synonymous with pop culture.

Rob DyrdekRob

Nobody knows "Ridiculousness" quite like Rob Dyrdek. Joined by his buds Chanel West Coast and Sterling "Steelo" Brim, Dyrdek is an expert at mocking the most embarrassing viral videos on the Internet. There's nothing better than seeing his celebrity guest hosts, like Justin Bieber or Mac Miller, cringe at the painful stunts right along with us. Plus, Rob sings his own theme song -- how cool is that?

Lenay DunnLenay

For "10 on Top," a weekly countdown show highlighting pop culture's best and brightest, Lenay introduces viewers to new musical artists and dishes on everything and anything about our favorite television shows and movies. She shares the "10" stage with an array of famous guests, like Shay Mitchell from "Pretty Little Liars," the cast of "Teen Wolf" and Demi Lovato, proving that she can hold it down with biggest names in the business.

Hasan MinhajHasan

Comedian Hasan Minhaj brought us the very best in Internet fails on "Failosophy." With segments like Social Notworking and Ask the Internet, he managed to find the creepiest, weirdest and just plain WTF-worthy stuff the web has to offer. And let's not forget his panel of witty Internet junkies -- their colorful commentary managed to ease the mortification we felt when watching this, this and THIS.

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Photo: Jason DeCrow