'Awkward.' Poll: Now That Jenna's Indulging In Her Selfish Side, Should Matty Move On?


Hear that crash? It's the sound of the floor beneath longtime couple Matty McKibben and Jenna Hamilton caving in. The "Awkward" sweethearts have had their ups and downs since they DTRed, but Jenna snapped the fraying rope between them on tonight's summer finale when she gave in to her crush on Collin by kissing him before going into Tamara's first house party -- all while her boyfriend innocently waited for her in the backyard.

Earlier in the evening, Matty and Jenna's mutual resentments blew up over Matty's admitted embarrassment of Jenna, and Jenna's recent selfish behavior. They seemed to work things out, though, and J told Matty she'd meet him at T's after scoping out a photography exhibit with Collin and his girlfriend, Angelique. Welp, Angelique never showed, Collin made his feelings about Jenna clear (guess her suspicions weren't so unfounded) and when he urged Jenna to be selfish for once, she pounced on him. Matty just missed Jenna's brief indiscretion when he went to meet her out front, but it's surely only a matter of time before he finds out.

Guys: WE. HAVE. SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. Should they stay together? Does Jenna even want to hang on to Matty? Why is Collin so cavalier about being a home-wrecker? We have plenty of time to mull it all over before Season 3 returns later this year, but we have to ask: If and when Matty does find out she cheated, should he throw in the towel? Take our poll, and make your feelings known!

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