Ricky Schwartz's Killer Revealed! See Val Finally Crack The 'Awkward.' Case [Video]


All season long, Val's demanding job as Palos Hills High's guidance counselor has taken a backseat to her self-appointed role as town detective. Obsessed with uncovering the truth behind Ricky Schwartz's untimely death-by-peanut, she completely ignored Jenna's relationship issues to seek out answers to this much darker mystery. But worry not, friends, because the school's wise elder has finally found the killer. Sort of.

In the final episode of our "Awkward" web series, Val -- who had all but given up hope that she'd ever avenge Ricky's death -- almost gets the resolution she longs for when Lissa comes clean (it's always the quiet ones) about the murder weapon: Pad Thai. However, Val can barely hear Lissa's confession over the voices in her own head, and she somehow comes to the very, very wrong conclusion that kinky Ricky Schwartz accidentally offed himself David Carradine-style. "Ricky was a thrill seeker!" Val exclaims to Lissa. "It all points to one thing: auto-erotic anaphylactic shock!"

And there you have it. Even though Thailand is clearly to blame, Ricky Schwartz will go down in history as an uncoordinated perv. Hey, as long as Val's happy with herself...

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