5 'Teen Wolf' Transformations You REALLY Want To See Again [GIFs]


One of Scott McCall's first transformations involved ear extensions that would be the envy of any elf.

Maybe a leopard never changes its spots, but a "Teen Wolf" is in a constant state of change. Since the show's very first episode, werewolves and all the night's most eerie creatures have sprouted pointier body parts, bushy sideburns and in one case, scales, while shifting from one being to the next, and frankly, the process looks rather exhausting. Isn't there an express lane for bending matter and defying biology?

From the first time we saw Scott transform from man to beast, to the most recent (and horrifying) switcharoo, courtesy of Alphas Aiden, Ethan and their tag-team monster-mash, these GIFs will have you thankful to be an average Joe. After all, your bad days have probably never included nails being driven into your forehead. Tough break, Erica...


Poor Erica! It's tough to fight the moonlight when you're wearing a crown made of nails.


Jackson's change from the Kanima to a werewolf was quite an exhibition.


Double the trouble! Twin Alphas Aiden and Ethan are horrifying as a collective beast.


For the record, shifting into the Kanima is not for the faint of heart.

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