The 'Girl Code' Revenge Squad Plots To Expose The Truth Behind Bad Ex-Boyfriends [Sponsored Video]


Yeah, you're a tough chick and you can handle yourself, but wouldn't it be nice if, every once in a while, you could pass off the dreaded task of setting your exes straight? Look no further, love-scorned ladies: The "Girl Code" Revenge Squad is on the case, and the fantastic foursome -- Nicole, Jessimae, Jamie and Carly -- is happy to be at your service...just as soon as brunch is over. Popeye needed his spinach; these girls need their spinach omelets.

In the four clips below, supported by truth which continues to expose Big Tobacco's ugly side, The Revenge Squad gets down to business traveling around town to give bad boyfriends a taste of their own medicine. Whether they're liars, unapologetic farters or just plain scum, they're going down -- because when that signature "Girl Code" conversion van pulls up, you better believe these dudes will get their asses handed to them (well...not always, but you'll probably get a laugh along the way!).

Check out the ladies' many misadventures, and should you find yourself in a tough spot with an ex, make sure you have The Revenge Squad on speed dial.

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Photo: Pat Donnelly