An Overzealous Groomer Has Turned JWOWW's Pup Into A Lion Impersonator [Photo]


Little Bella, the lion.

We've heard of taking a little too much off the top, but Bella Farley's latest styling session has left the fluffy pup a fraction of her former self. JWOWW recently documented the very unfortunate devolution of her canine on social media, and though it's certainly a jarring look, Bella can hopefully appreciate that any traveling circus would be glad to have her. Lion tamers, grab your chairs!

The adorable dog, who is no stranger to experimenting with new looks (remember her sassy pink-accented paws?), didn't take too kindly to the hackjob, according to Mama Jenni. "Bella is extremely pissed the groomer gave her a lion cut lol my poor baby," she tweeted with the photo above. Hang in there, Bel -- we're sure you'll appreciate a freer scalp once the humid dog days of summer (HAAAAA!) start to roll around. Consider the new look your own personal cooling system. But, if it really starts to get under your skin, you could just shave the whole thing off. Hey, it worked for Britney!

+ What do you think of Bella's new species-bending mane?

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Photo courtesy of @JenniWOWW