Why The Collins Of The World Make Jenna And The Rest Of Us 'Awkward.' Gals Come Unhinged


Hold us back.

We admit it: Jenna Hamilton ain't the only one mesmerized by Collin. Ever since the mysterious new kid trotted into Palos Hills High on his white horse, we've fantasized about him, too. And while we love us some buff, douchemeister-turned-darling Matty McKibben, there is a certain je ne sais quoi about Collin that makes our stomachs all aflutter. So just what is it about this guy that causes us average Jane Austens to salivate? Let us break it down as best we can:


1. His penetrating stare. One look is all it takes. Specifically, one look that's three seconds too long, making the moment feel awkward (but intoxicating all the same), and we melt into a puddle tinged with 50 shades of lust. We swear, those eyes can see straight into the depths of our sad, lonely souls.

2. His intellect. Collin's smarts are unparalleled, at least compared to his fellow PHHS students. As writers, we understand all too well Jenna's hunger for long discussions about the meaning of life over soy mocha lattes, followed by steamy, sweaty sex in a utility closet fancy hotel suite adorned with rose petals, candles, a few chocolates from the Roger Mathews playbook and... Oh. Hi there. Sorry...um, moving on...


3. His million-dollar smile. On sporadic occasions -- when he's not busy gazing at obscure art and quoting F. Scott Fitzgerald -- Collin is making us "Awkward" gals weak in the knees thanks to his perfect pearly whites. Like the elusive double rainbow, his smile is an infrequent occurrence -- but when it does shine through his serious facade, we faint...right into his hulking biceps.

4. His troubled past. Granted, we have no solid proof of this -- other than the fact that his mother's friend potentially went all Mrs. Robinson on him -- but Collin definitely seems to need saving, and he makes us feel like he's chosen us to cast out the life raft. But it's a two-way street, and we're convinced that while we're rescuing him from his own skeletons, he'll make sure we don't end up with too many cats and over-sized muumuus, either.


5. His lingering touch. Like his soulful stare, his touch is soft, not-so-subtle and accompanied by intense eye contact, entering into too-close-for-comfort territory. But, do we care? NOPE. His fingers send an electric current running through our veins and his caress is euphoric and...if you'll excuse us, we think need a cold shower.

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