Will Derek Be Able To Stop His 'Teen Wolf' Sister If She Continues To Serve Deucalion?


Family reunions can be uncomfortable, but Derek's unexpected rendezvous with his sister, Cora (who's totally supposed to be dead, by the way), definitely takes the cake. On tonight's "Teen Wolf," while Derek and Scott fought to free Boyd from the dreaded Deucalion, Cora stepped in and gave Derek the surprise of his life -- and it wasn't exactly a warm embrace. She warned him to leave, and as soon as he resisted, she extended her claws and lunged at him.

It's not clear at the moment if Cora's serving Deucalion of her own free will or if she's just another one of his pawns, but either way, she certainly wasn't up for tea and chit-chat with her long lost bro in the Beacon Hills Bank vault. Deucalion had been keeping Boyd and Erica locked up in the makeshift prison so that they'd be as ornery as possible when the coming full moon rose, and it looked like his method worked. But if Cora proves to be the killing machine that Deucalion wants her to be, will Derek -- who seemed uncharacteristically moved at the sight of her -- be able to stop her? He's certainly tough as nails, but everyone's got their Achilles' heel, and his long-lost sister might be just the thing to reveal his weakness.

+ Tell us what you think Cora has in store and if Derek will be able to subvert his soft spot long enough to stop her if she stands in his way.

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