Which 'Awkward.' Couple, Past Or Present, Wins Palos Hills High School's Cutest Couple Superlative?


There was a time when Jenna Hamilton's relationship with Matty McKibben seemed like the stuff of "Awkward" fairy tales, but now that Collin has been thrown into the mix, Jatty's days might be numbered. Ever since Collin offered his support to Jenna at a coffee shop reading, she hasn't been able to stop thinking about him, and her wandering eye might ruin the relationship she fought so hard to secure. So long, warm fuzzies...

In the event that the rainbows fade and butterflies stop, uh, flying, for Matty and Jenna, we wanted to appreciate Palos Hills High School's greatest love stories, even if they've run their course. Take a look at "Awkward"'s past and present relationships below, and tell us which would win the PHHS yearbook's cutest couple superlative!

Couplez2Jatty: Like Ross and Rachel and many great sitcom couples before them, Matty and Jenna's story is puh-retty complicated. It started off as a fling, evolved into a mess and finally built itself up into a solid partnership. But is their storybook romance almost over? (Please say no!)

Jakara: At first, the Student Council President and the band geek-turned-cheerleader Couplez1weren't even blips on each other's radar. But when Jake was there for Tamara when she needed someone to lean on, she saw how sweet he was, and a trip overseas cemented them as PHHS' new power couple. Remember: They share a Facebook page.

Fring: Sometimes, forbidden love is the most romantic, and this couple certainly found resistance Couplez3from former Asian Mafia Queen, Becca. There was a time when Ming and Fred could openly flaunt their love (we'll always remember you, Black Hearts Party), but Becca has ensured that their star-crossed romance is over for good. Have fun in Idaho, Fred Wu. We hardly knew ye...

Sicki: Sadie Saxton, like many others, once considered the late Ricky Schwartz nothing more than scum under her shoe, but Couplez4when he showed her affection at a time when the bully felt incredibly insecure, she ate it up. Ultimately, Sadie went on a tirade about how terrible her dead ex was at his memorial service, but we'll try to remember the good days...

Jalissa: Jake and Lissa appeared to be the golden couple at the start of sophomore year, but Jake Couplez7quickly learned his heart didn't beat according to the standards of high school cliques. Jalissa quickly fell apart after Jake fell for Jenna, but we'll never forget Lissa's sweet offering of her "behymen" as evidence that, at least, she was trying to make love work.

Jakenna: Man, Jake really gets around, now that we think about it.... After Couplez5Jenna refused to be Matty's secret girlfriend, she learned how good it felt to be someone's GF in public. However, when she realized her heart never really left Matty...and, you know, their sordid affair leaked...Jakenna fell to pieces. Still, some hope they could fall back together, one day. Stay strong, Team Jake!

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