CollegeHumor Compiles Every Single 'Saved By The Bell' Audience 'OOOH!' Into One Epic Video


The "Saved By The Bell" cast in all of their '90s fashion glory.

TV laugh tracks usually reek of cheese, so a lot of sitcom producers prefer to film in front of live studio audiences to garner a more genuine reaction to jokes in the script. However, occasionally the audience becomes so outspoken that their whoops and hollers actually become a part of the series' appeal, as was the case with "Saved By The Bell." Lovesick teens who filled those studio seats eventually became as important to each episode as a well-placed "Zoinks!" from Screech.

In the video below, CollegeHumor expertly points out just how very vocal "SBTB" audience members were by cutting every "ooh" and "aah" into a three-minute montage. Whether it's because Zack just kissed Kelly or Slater's all caught up in his ballet twirls, the swoons from dozens of girls with crimped hair and acid-wash jeans reach record-breaking decibels. And we thought One Direction was popular....

Check out the most "oooh"-worthy "SBTB" moments below, and don't miss tomorrow's reruns from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. EDT on MTV2.

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Photo: NBC/Getty Images