5 Talk-To-Anybody Tips We've Learned From Vinny Guadagnino


By Lilit Marcus

Ever wished you could be one of those people who effortlessly chats with anyone and everyone? Well, our very own Vinny Guadagnino happens to be the perfect role model for those of us not born with the gift of gab: Not only was he the one person on "Jersey Shore" who managed to stay out of most of the drama, but now he's smooth-talked his way into rubbin' elbows with the likes of Ke$ha and Mark Wahlberg on "The Show" -- and he does it with as much grace as he fist-pumps. The shy guys of the world could learn a thing or two from Vin's talk techniques, so if that's you, check out these five must-follow tips for holding down a riveting conversation.


Make people feel comfortable.

Welcoming your guests with open arms is a talk show standard, because everyone, especially celebs, are more likely to spill their guts and be authentic if they feel at home. Vinny takes the idea one step further on "The Show" by inviting people into his actual house on Staten Island to meet his fam and break bread.


Flattery will get you everywhere.

When Lil Wayne came to the Guadagnino abode, Vin chose to don a T-shirt from the rapper's clothing line -- a compliment of the highest form. It's one thing to say you're somebody's fan, but it's another to prove it, and when Wayne noticed Vin's Trukfit tank within five seconds of walking in, you knew the guy was golden.


Be willing to share personal details about yourself.

If you expect anybody to be honest with you, it helps to be the first one to get personal. When Jenny McCarthy sat down with Vinny and his family, the host broke the ice with a party game that called for spilling embarrassing stories. His willingness to let his mom and sisters blow up his spot led to Jenny divulging secrets about her past with men and Playboy. Letting the world know you've got an uncircumcised penis is a small price to pay for the scoop on Jenny McCarthy's sex life.


Get somebody else to brag about you.

When Victoria Justice showed up to "The Show," Paola couldn't stop gushing to the Nickelodeon star about how proud she was of her little boy's academic skills. Vin pretended to be embarrassed, but the information definitely intrigued his guest. A word of caution, though: Make sure the person who's bragging about you is a legitimate source. In other words, keep Uncle Nino out of it.


Offer food. Lots of it.

Paola's incredible Italian cooking is the one constant we can count on to keep the wine and convos flowing on "The Show." It is really, really hard for a person to be rude when they're being fed delicious homemade pasta. Just make sure not to chew with your mouth open.

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