'Boy Meets World' Cast Reunites In Austin To Reminisce About The Good Ol' Days [Photos]


Some of the former "Boy Meets World" cast on the ATX red carpet.

Sing it with us, Peaches & Herb: "Reunited and it feels so good"! It takes a lot for us to bust out some '70s soul, but we classified these pics of the ol' "Boy Meets World" cast back together as good enough reason. The group met up this weekend in Austin at the ATX Television Festival to participate in a panel discussion, and judging by their many social media shots, they seemed to all pick up right where they left off. Friends to the end!

At the annual festival, the former co-stars dished about their favorite memories from filming the series. Sadly, Danielle Fishel missed out on the fun, but we'll give her a pass -- this time -- since it was her best friend's wedding. "I wasn't at the ATX Festival this weekend because this girl, my BFF, was getting married!!" she tweeted. Mr. Feeny, however, is totally on our s*** list for playing hooky.

If you're looking for the perfect way to break up your mundane Monday, the full 30-minute discussion is below!


A few of the old cast members, with creator Michael Jacobs.


Matthew Lawrence, Maitland Ward and Ben Savage.


Shawn and Angela back together again!

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Photos: @amaitlandbaxter