Vinny Guadagnino's #1 Fashion Law: Keep It 'Mysterious' [Video]


Don't let the skinny jeans fool you: Vinny Guadagnino will never sacrifice comfort for style. Still, there are a few cardinal fashion rules by which the "Show with Vinny" host abides, and in the latest "Dear Vinny" fan Q&A below, he fills you in on how to look dope with minimal effort. While the Staten Island mama's boy says, "You always gotta get a fresh pair of Js," he notes that it's important not to get stuck on labels. "I don't try to wear name brands.... Make it mysterious where your clothes come from," he advises. Overall, the "Show" star keeps it casual, but says he'll make an exception if a big event is on the horizon -- that's when he whips out the Hugo Boss. "I can dress up and go GQ with the best of them."

Check out the video for more of Vinny's fashion tips, and find out why -- even though they have clear chemistry -- he would never date recent houseguest Jenna Marbles.

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