Enemies Must Cure The Beef Again To Be Deemed 'Rivals II' Champs [Trailer]


Not so long ago on "Rivals," Johnny & Tyler and Paula & Evelyn proved that, if you can bite the bullet and work alongside your nemesis well enough, the temporary truce can earn you a boatload of cash. But will reviving the formula have the same results on "Rivals II"? Judging by the trailer below, lightning could indeed strike twice...after a few firestorms hit the playing field in Thailand.

When 16 pairs of hot-headed "Challenge" adversaries are forced to work as teammates, things are bound to get a little ugly, and newbie Anastasia notices the trend straight off the bat. "Some of these people here are just, like, absolutely pure evil," she tells her teammate Jessica. And with scuffles between Aneesa and Trishelle, Diem and CT and, ideally, Jasmine and an unsuspecting inanimate object, it looks like we'll see some solid proof to back up Ana's claims.

Which teams will harness their animus and use it for good, and which will buckle under the pressure? We assure you it'll be worth the wait until the premiere on Wednesday, July 10, at 10/9c.

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