Riff Raff Takes A Fully Clothed Shower In MTV2's 'Ain't That America' Studio Parking Lot [Video]


Lil Duval appears dumbfounded by Riff Raff.

Lil Duval's new series, "Ain't That America," will poke fun at our country's unique traditions, so who better to provide guest commentary than a loose cannon that doesn't confine to society's norms? Look out y'all, it's Riff Raff! And he's let out his cornrows....

"Ain't That America" is currently shooting with a variety of familiar faces, but when Riff posted a string of Vine videos from his visit to the set yesterday, we practically jumped for joy. (If you saw his "Ridiculousness" appearance, you understand our glee.) But it seems our resident wordsmith was acting somewhat finicky before filming began.

"Oh, these shirts are too small, man!," Riff complains in the first video below. "(Sic) get out my s**t!," Duval yells back. (He's a little sensitive when it comes to his height.)

Luckily, Riff Raff escaped Lil D's wrath unscathed, and in the second clip, decides to take a shower in the parking lot..in a bucket..with his clothes on. If that's what happened backstage, we can't wait to see what took place when the show's cameras were rolling!

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Photo: @JodyHighRoller