That's What You Said...About Whether Hurricane Nia Had Reason To Hit

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As soon as Johnny tossed the contents of an energy drink Nia's way and we saw her expression change from playful to nearly possessed, we knew the moment had finally arrived. The "Real World" fight we'd been eagerly awaiting all season long erupted, and by the time the dust had cleared, the two opponents, as well as Averey, were left bruised, bloodied and battered. The worst part? The war's not even over.

When the show's penultimate episode ended, fans turned to Remote Control and sounded off like crazy on the record-book brawl. Take a look at what some had to say about who's to blame, keep the conversation going in the comments and be sure to see how this Portland saga wraps up on Wednesday at 10/9c!

"[Nia] is a dramatic, self-absorbed princess who is an absolute horror of a human being. She should be the one who is thrown off the show." -- Baby Cakes

"Averey should have stayed out of it and let Johnny and Nia makes fools out of themselves on their own. Or, instead of trying to attack Nia, Averey should have tried to diffuse the situation. She added fuel to the fire." -- Sasha

"If you touch someone FIRST, you are out. That's the way it should be." -- aprilm1983

"Johnny got what he deserved! Nia was provoked and it makes sense for her to want to retaliate against him and Averey." -- Silver

"Nia was provoking them while they were sleeping! Averey went to defend her boyfriend." -- mdditalianusa

"Both parties are in the wrong. Honestly, it's not okay to put your hands on someone, and definitely not okay to provoke someone to that extent." -- alberted

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