Snooki Manages To Take A Sexy Selfie In An Airplane Bathroom [Photo]


Snooki's interpretation of the Mile-High Club calls for only her sexy self.

Snooki's no stranger to seizing a good selfie opportunity, and she just widened her portfolio with a sultry bathroom shot snapped while en route to Miami. Because who needs an audio book when you've got an iPhone? We see a social media trend in the making...

"Photo shoot in the bathroom, Hayyyy vintage clip on earrings," Snooks tweeted from the clouds this morning while getting her Tyra Banks on beside a dispenser of barf bags. We usually look like this while in flight, so the fact that she's able to project any semblance of sexiness is rather remarkable. Such impressive balance, as well -- those push-ups in heels must be paying off! The situps sure are...

Pilot, give this girl a pair of wings! And fly safely -- she's precious cargo!

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