This Week's @RevRunWisdom: Tweets To Help You Through A Tropical Storm

Let's keep it real, folks. Life isn't always a bed of roses, and a week without one bad day is pretty rare. But guess what? You made it to Friday in one piece, and Rev Run's social media musings are just the thing to get you into Zen mode for the weekend. Check out a few of our favorite recent @RevRunWisdom posts, then kick back, relax and be happy.


Preacher by day, performer by night.

As if we all didn't get hit hard enough by Hurricane Nia, East Coasters now have Tropical Storm Andrea to contend with. So much for the beach! But don't let Mother Nature spoil your mood -- check out the latest inspirational social media posts from self-help guru Rev Run to keep your spirits up!

P.S. There's an "Awkward" marathon running all weekend if you're searching for some indoor fun...


It's almost as if we're there. Almost.


What doesn't kill you...


Not even a storm named Andrea!


The Holy Ghost is back!

Photos: Chris McKay/Getty Images and @Revwon