'Fu Manchu, God Bless You!' And Other Winning 'Show With Vinny' Quotes


Hosting an iconic Playboy model like Jenny McCarthy is one thing, but when your verifiable celebrity crush swings by your house for coffee and dessert, that just takes the cake. On tonight's "Show with Vinny," a romantic prophecy was fulfilled when R&B heavy-hitter Ciara stopped by the Guadagnino abode to chat with Vinny about upcoming projects and bask in the glow of his many compliments. The visit ended with dance moves, but not at the expense of conversation. Check out some of the best quotes from tonight's episode, which also featured some humdingers from Redfoo of LMFAO, who taught the whole family how to best party rock.

"What does that stand for?" -- Paola

Paola had no idea that asking what LMFAO stood for would return such vulgarity. To be fair, though, it was Nino -- not Redfoo -- who first verbalized the F-bomb.

"Feel the Foo-ness!" -- Red Foo

As the Guadagninos were looking a little too clean-cut for the eccentric Redfoo, he decided to outfit them in wigs that perfectly matched his own wild mane.

"Don't award me with your body, ma!" -- Vinny

One of Redfoo's new dance moves involves requests to "award me with your body," and when Paola tried it out on her son, it was met with a liiiittle bit of resistance.

"Fu Manchu, God bless you!" -- Nino

These are the type of parting words we've come to expect from Vin's can't-be-tamed uncle.

"That right there is what you call swag." -- Ciara

Maybe she's got a thing for guidos...? Ciara was impressed with Vinny's high school yearbook photo, in which he boasted a modified blowout and perfectly manicured eyebrows.

"She's made of rubber! That's beautiful." -- Nino

Nino couldn't help but express his fascination at Ciara's apparent missing spine while she demonstrated her famous "Matrix"-esque back bend.

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