From Camp Pookah To Open Mic Night, This Weekend's 'Awkward.' Marathon Has Got You Covered


Enjoy "Awkward" while it lasts, friends, because after next week's mid-season finale, we'll sadly have to take a short break from the daily misadventures of the Palos Hills High School crew. Will Jenna's crush on Collin become too powerful to ignore? Will Matty find out? Will Sadie's sourpuss ever undo itself? Only time will tell, but before we jet off into the future, why not take a little stroll through the past with a full-series marathon, shall we?

Starting Saturday at 3 a.m., you can catch every episode from all seasons and watch Jenna progress from "That Girl" to 'It Girl." Cast exclusives will also be featured throughout commercial breaks, so be very judicious with your bathroom and snack breaks -- wouldn't you hate to miss all that good behind-the-scenes gossip?

Gutted that "Awkward" is over for awhile? Cope with some solid binge-watching this weekend (tweet #AwkwardFinale to get in on the live commentary), and see how this chapter wraps up Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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